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Editorial Guidelines

Wisconsin West Magazine

Wisconsin West welcomes free-lance writing. Actually, we not only welcome it, but depend on it. We publish an average of 45-60 stories per year; of those, 16-18 are accepted from manuscripts sent on speculation and another 23-25 are assigned to free-lance writers, often those who have previously had stories accepted from manuscripts sent on speculation. Western Wisconsin writers would be hard-pressed to find a regional magazine more open to queries and manuscripts. However, Wisconsin West is very selective about the kinds of articles it accepts.

Our readership is overwhelmingly from a 17-county area in Wisconsin--loosely a diamond shape with corners at La Crosse, Hudson, Superior and Medford. More than 70 percent of these readers are from three counties alone: Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire.

Our readership surveys strongly suggest that these readers want our magazine to concentrate exclusively on area-specific stories covering personalities, recreation, travel, history, the arts, dining, and somewhat less so, issues of interest including the environment, economic development, etc.

We do not publish general-interest, no-area-specific articles. We very rarely publish articles on health care, academic subjects or politics.

If you are planning to submit an article, please note the following:

  • We rarely publish newspaper-style articles, and we concentrate on feature stories with teaser leads. We publish short stories if they are relevant to our readership.
  • Dining, humor articles and articles of community interest (an event, artist, etc.) should, in published form, run approximately 800-1,500 words; recreation and travel pieces, 1,500-2,400 words; articles on history range widely from 1,000-2,000 words, personality pieces, 2,000-5,000 words.
  • We welcome accompanying photographs or other art. Quality articles submitted with publication-quality photographs have a greater chance of being used.
  • We're happy to receive queries, although we rarely assign stories solely on that basis. If you prefer to query first, it is helpful to accompany your suggestion with samples of your writing ability. At that point, we may assign you the story, or most likely, we will ask for the story on speculation.
  • We do not require that you title your article or provide a word count, although both are helpful. We do suggest that the stories be plainly printed (laser quality preferred) on white paper, standard size (8-1/2" x11"). If possible, it is also helpful for stories to be submitted on e-mail at
  • We will return articles if SASE with correct postage is provided. We do our best to respond to all queries or submissions within 6-8 weeks. We pay within 30 days of publication.
  • Most importantly, read Wisconsin West before submitting an article. It is the best way to determine what we--and our readers--are interested in.

Send all new subscriptions, address changes, circulation and editorial questions to:

Wisconsin West magazine
2905 Seymour Road
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Allow 6-8 weeks for new subscriptions. Call 715-835-3800 for information.